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Valuation & Litigation Support Services
Providing valuation services is very specialized. Certification as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) qualifies Brad Borncamp to render an opinion as to the value of an ownership interest in a business entity or family partnership. This may involve assisting with settling a divorce, valuing as interest that is held by an estate or being gifted, or to value a business for a buy/sell agreement or for a sale. These services include litigation support, which may involve providing expert testimony in court on valuation, financial, and tax compliance matters.

There are basically two types of valuation engagements.  The more complex and expensive approach is to express a "conclusion of value", which involves a thorough analysis of all the relevant data and valuation methods so we can independently form an opinion of the value.  The other less complex approach is to provide a "calculation of value", where the client instructs us on what method(s) to use and limits the analysis to certain relevant calculations that pertain to their unique situation.

The purpose, or reason, for the valuation, such as for gift and estate tax, divorce, or sale, affects the selection of the standard of value and the methods used to determine the estimate of value. We can also assist with gift and estate tax compliance which often requires a valuation report to be included with the tax return in order to satisfy the related statute of limitations.

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