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Tax Preparation
Tax planning, preparation, and compliance continue to be the primary focus of our firm.  Whether for an individual, a business, a trust, or an estate, tax planning, preparation, and compliance play a significant role in  almost every financial decision you make.

As a CPA firm, we are licensed to represent clients in dealing with Federal (IRS) and state taxing authorities.  We have experience with various taxes, including income, sales, payroll, property, estate and gift taxes for individual, business, trust, and estate. 

Our tax preparation services offer you a convenient way of dealing with federal and state filing requirements while we look for ways to legitimately lower your taxes.  We provide a tax organizer package for returning clients which helps them gather the information needed to  prepare complete and accurate tax returns.  We are available through out the year to help each client with any questions or responding to tax notices, and to suggest tax planning ideas that can lower their taxes.

Our fees are based on the hourly rates for each staff involved with the services provided.  Our rates for 2015 vary from $35 for bookkeeping to $250 for consulting and tax preparation.  See my article on "How Much Does It Cost" for details.  Fees to prepare individual income tax returns (federal and state) usually range from $500 to $1,500 but can be more depending on the amount of activity to report, how well the client can summarize their activity, and whether the client wants tax planning in addition to the tax prep itself.  We are thorough and emphasize service and quality.  We do not compete with the low end tax prep shops, but our fees are competitive with other CPA firms with similar experience.

Please see the "Articles" and "Related Items" tabs of this website for the newsletters and articles we provide in order to help keep all of our clients abreast of some of the many tax law changes and offer ideas for reducing their taxes.  We are available year round for consulting and tax planning, so you can call us anytime of the year to get answers to your questions.

For a detailed list of current tax information, click this link to my "Tax Data Summary"

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