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Tax Planning
Planning is the key to saving money and achieving financial security.  The services offered by the firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC can help identify and implement strategies to:

• Minimize income and estate taxes              • Provide for a more secure retirement
  • Make tax wise investments decisions          • Keep more of your assets in the family
  • Choose and use IRA accounts                    • Provide for an orderly transfer of assets
  • Set up a tax free college savings accounts   • Settle a divorce and divide the assets
  • Determine the value of your business           • Set up trusts to manage your assets
  • Set up buy/sell agreements for businesses   • Build net worth and protect assets

The firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC does more than tax preparation and accounting services.  We have the expertise to help our clients keep more of what they make by assisting them with identifying tax planning opportunities for their personal and business affairs.  We work with each client and their advisors to help them identify realistic financial goals and to implement tax strategies to achieve them.

Reasons For Tax Planning

There are many good reasons for planning your financial affairs.  Changes in tax laws and the economy make this an ongoing process.  Here are some ideas everyone should consider:

   • Do I pay more tax than is required              • Am I eligible for the various tax credits
   • Do I take advantage of all my deductions   • Can I get the lower capital gains rates
   • Is a ROTH better than a regular IRA           • Which investments will lower my taxes
   • Can I avoid, reduce, or defer more taxes   • How do I plan for retirement
   • Would I survive a tax audit                          • Will I outlive my assets

Where To Start

It is easier to understand tax planning if you view it as part of your overall financial planning process.  This way, your tax strategies will complement your financial plan, and help to achieve both your financial and tax saving goals.  Unfortunately, some tax strategies may actually conflict with your other financial goals.  In any case, do not ignore tax planning simply because you have not developed your overall financial plan.
In its simplest form, tax planning involves knowing which tax laws apply to your situation and keeping up with changes that affect you.  The firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC can help you understand these changing tax laws and how these laws affect your financial goals and decisions.

What To Do

You should expect to do tax planning each year.  Some strategies effect the current year, while others effect future years.  We begin by identifying opportunities based on each client’s specific activity and goals.  Tax planning goes beyond simply preparing tax returns and can help you to take advantage of various opportunities.

Tax planning can be simple or complicated, depending on your situation.  For most people, taking a few steps will yield significant tax benefits.  Some tax strategies to consider include: 

• Timing deductions for maximum effect        • Calculate non-taxable basis of IRA's
• Utilizing pre-tax medical accounts               • Properly substantiate all transactions
• Maximize matching on 401K plans              • Holding investments more than a year
• Deduct self-employed medical insurance   • Investing in rental property
• Valuing charitable donations                        • Tax-free exchanges of real estate
• Deduct retirement plan contributions           • Investing in tax-free securities
• Take the Colorado pension exclusion          • Choose the appropriate business entity

Most people qualify for some of the many tax saving opportunities.  Since these tax laws are complicated, you should seek help from a CPA who knows the tax laws and how to apply them.  Please call us to see how we may help you keep more of what you make by lowering your taxes. 
Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC has the experience to help with your tax, financial, and estate planning.

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