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Financial Planning
As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Brad Borncamp, CPA, CVA, CFP uses state of the art software tools to prepare financial planning models to assist each client in setting and achieving goals to provide for the financial needs of their family and their retirement.

Planning for retirement is unique to each client’s situation, and may involve funding a child’s college education, long term care and medical needs, estate and gift planning, asset management, and asset protection.

Financial planning is the corner-stone for meeting your financial goals. We help individual and business clients with developing and implementing financial goals. This is a fee based service. We receive no commissions. So our advice is objective, as we do not sell insurance or manage your investments. See below for more detailed information.

Reasons for Financial Planning

Financial planning can mean different things to different people. To some it means managing investments, or having money during retirement. To others it means planning to pay for their kids’ college or their daughter’s wedding. It is used here to mean long term planning which may include all of the above. There are many very important reasons to do financial planning. If done correctly, the planning process can give you a much better understanding of the things that affect your long term financial security. Here are some reasons to do financial planning.

   • Set goals and a time frame to achieve them
   • Provide for the financial security of your family
   • Identify how to manage your personal assets and liabilities
   • Estimate future income and retirement needs
   • Calculate living expenses and how to support them
   • Identify insurance needs and manage financial risks
   • Minimize estate and income taxes

What Information is Needed

Financial planning can be simple or complex, depending on your situation and desires. For most people a basic financial plan will yield significant benefits. In either case, it usually involves identifying the following information.

   • List of all assets, investments, debts, etc.
   • List all insurance policies & coverage
   • List all current and future sources of income
   • Prioritize spending & special needs
   • Estimate all current and future living expenses
   • Identify important lifestyle goals

Steps Involved

There are basically six steps involved in the financial planning process: identify goals, design, documentation, implementation, manage investments, and monitor results. Each step involves various activities which may require the services of a CPA, attorney, trustee, insurance, and investment professionals.

   • Identify personal lifestyle and financial goals and a time frame to achieve them.
   • Design involves gaining an understanding of the extent of the planning necessary.
   • Documentation involves drafting a written plan showing financial calculations, etc.
   • Implementation involves all the actions over time to carry out the plan.
   • Managing investments involves re-balancing the portfolio to match risk tolerances.
   • Monitoring results involves updating the plan and measuring progress toward
     financial goals.

Helping you keep more of what you make!

Planning is the key to organizing your personal affairs, saving for the future, and achieving financial security. The services offered by the firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC can help you to understand the financial planning process and what is involved.

Understanding the overall planning process and compiling the related information helps to organize your affairs and gives you an idea of the lifestyle you will be able to afford during retirement. This also helps to identify way to reduce your financial risks by using insurance products and structuring your legal affairs. Financial planning may encompasses investment management, tax planning, estate planning, and retirement planning. These areas often over lap and may have conflicting goals. Whether you need advice on basic planning or want a complete plan, the planning process can help you to gain a better understanding of the aspects that affect your financial well being.

The firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC provides fee based services, including accounting, tax planning and preparation, and estate, gift, and financial planning. We work with each client to identify and implement planning strategies that help to achieve their goals. We have the knowledge and tools to prepare comprehensive financial plans, however, we do not sell insurance, investments, or any other commissioned products. This way you get professional, objective advice before meeting with the other advisors on your team.

The firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC offers more than tax and accounting services, we also have the experience to help with your tax, financial, and estate planning. We do not manage investments so we can work independently of your broker or make referrals if clients need them.

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