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The firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC is small professional firm owned and operated by Brad
Borncamp.  The following are some of the question people often ask about how we work.

How much does it cost to do a tax return?

How are CPA's different from other tax preparers?

What services does our firm provide?

What information is needed to prepare my tax returns?

What deductions can I take on my tax returns?

We will add more Q&A as we have time, so please check this page again in the future, or email
us about the questions you would like us to address.

The firm of Brad Borncamp, CPA, LLC provides fee based professional services.  We work
directly with each client to identify and implement only the services that are necessary.  We do
not sell financial products and do not get any commissions.  Call us to discuss how we may help
you keep more of what you make.

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